When I was growing up, my parents used to listen to a really interesting radio program in the mornings, as they got ready for work. The program’s host was an amazing storyteller. I’d usually lean in with anticipation to his richly timbered voice as he told each story.  His details were like a fishing reel expertly used in the hands of great fly fisherman. He could exact a dramatic pause better than just about any famous actor. He had a gift for keeping his audience listening closely to the very last word because he never revealed who the story was about until the very last moment.  Then he would say these same words at the end of each episode, “and that’s . . . the rest . . . of the story.” If you are old enough, by now you probably know that I’m recalling the work of Paul Harvey.

I’ve been hooked on real stories ever since. If you choose to visit here from time to time, I will do my best to share stories with you. Some will be personal stories that come from my own heart and life. Some may be stories from the lives of others who have left lasting impressions on me. In any case, you are welcome to visit anytime. I’d welcome hearing from you, so feel free to leave a comment.

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